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En Ivo heeft er een nieuwe fan bij.jpg
Café Het Moest, Eindhoven

On February 24, 2019, we played in café Het Moest on Hoogstraat 109 in Eindhoven. The stage was large enough and there was a seriously fat PA. Good reception, good beer, but most of all a dike from a first performance with the baptism of Remon as the new drummer. Wow, this is our merit after months of practice and sweating! #Proud, #vetteshizzle and more statements like that :-) And Ivo has another big fan, hahahaha.

Sanquin, our support program, has really warmed up the tent. Thanks again guys!


The owners of this cafe intend to make bands perform much more often, so ...... fellow musicians, take advantage of this quickly, as long as it is thick and good rock. We had about 75 people in the audience and they were all seriously enthusiastic!

Our thanks go to managers Ivi & partner. Top arranged! Great atmosphere! And sun! This is how ..... and it happens in Eindhoven.

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